Sun Screens

Sun Screens, or some may refer to them as Sun Shades,  are excellent for sun and glare control. Made from traditional fabrics or new ECO-Friendly fabrics our Sun Shades protect interior furnishings, flooring and art work from harmful UV rays as well as provide energy savings. We have a comprehensive range of sunscreen fabrics with varying degrees of weave openness ranging from 1% to 25%, in a choice of colors wide enough to complement any decor. Our wide a range of translucent and light filtering shades can be custom made for every purpose and application.

Not home… but would like to keep out the UV rays and heat of the sun? All of our motorized sun shades can be automated according to the amount of sunlight you would like in any room, or simply use a hand held remote from the convenience of your couch or bed to lower or raise the Sun Screens.  With seamless integration into Whole Home Automation systems such as Lutron, Control 4 or Crestron, our motorized Sun Shades can help keep your home energy efficient.