Roman Style Sky Light

As with any window shade, Roman shades have the purpose of filtering light and providing privacy. This particular style utilizes a single section of material that is extended or retracted on a corded pulley system or as a motorized option which makes them extremely easy to operate. When the cord is pulled, the material is gathered up in an accordion-like fashion. They can also be installed to either the inside or outside of the window frame giving them even more versatility.

Concord Shading Systems uses our proprietary Constant Tension Spring System to create a motorized skylight option for any style skylight.  With Sun Screen style fabrics, Light Blocking Fabrics and insulated Fabrics, we can create a custom option for your home. Utilizing a wall mount switch or a handled remote you can operate your skylight shade from anywhere in your home.  To learn more about the CSS unique Constant Tension Spring System click here.

There are various styles of Roman shades to choose from and which are available from Solar Window Fashions. A few of the most popular include:

Flat Roman Shades – This style of Roman shade utilizes a rectangular fabric that is stretched flat at the bottom by way of a dowel rod inserted into the bottom of the material. This shade draws up into an accordion-like gathering, yet maintains a flat, clean and simple appearance when fully extended.

Soft Roman Shades (European Style) – This style of Roman shade is similar to the flat shade, but contains an even softer, more feminine appearance. No dowel rod is used at the bottom so the fabric creates a soft curved shape when extended. When the shade is raised, the material is gathered in a more random fashion which gives it a soft, free-flowing look.

The degree of insulation that Roman shades provide is totally dependent on the type of fabric used. Heavier fabrics offer more insulation than thinner fabrics which tend to allow more air to flow through. Linings are often added to the widow side of Roman shade fabric that works to protect the material from fading as well as add greater insulation quality.

Concord Shading can provide any style of Roman shades in the colors, materials and designs desired. We also can custom make your Roman shades to fit any odd-shaped doors or windows your home may possess.

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