Blackout Shades

Blackout Shades (or privacy shades) are meant to darken any room and it is our most requested. These shades were supplied and installed by Concord Shading for the clients living room to give them that extra privacy.

Unique Skylight Shading System

Please check out this unique pyramid style skylight shading systems we manufactured and installed for a client; as well as numerous other unique skylight shading options that Concord Shading Systems has manufactured and installed over the past few years. Please click here to see the full video.

Installation of our CSS zip weather shield

Installation of our CSS zip weather shield and the insect screen allows you to enjoy your Muskoka room even when it is raining.

Concord Shading System Zip Insect Screen Installation

Enjoy….. In this installation all of the CSS Zip Insect Screens were incorporated into the original design and structure, allowing for clean and simple motorized retraction of the bug screen when not in use during the winter.

Bottom-Up Sun Shade using the CSS Constant Tension Spring System

These are an elegant selection for any room in your home. Concord Shading System Inc. installed these Motorized Bottom-Up Sun Screens for a client that still wanted natural light and privacy at the same. Since the blind starts from the bottom, it can be up half way up. This allows privacy to your home yet still allowing full light in through the top of window. These motorized blinds are using CSS proprietary Constant Tension Spring System.

Kitchen Sun Screens

These are great for when you want to let a little sunshine in your kitchen to help jump start your day!

Angled Shades

Concord Shading created this custom Angled Shade for a client in Toronto. The shade was designed during the home renovation with the builder and interior design to hide all of moving components in a custom made box at the bottom of the window. This sunscreen was picked for the client to have privacy, but still allow for light into the bedroom. Concord Shading has specialized in Angled Shades (also know as A-Frame Shades) for over 30 years.

Keep those Pesky Bugs at Bay

Enjoy your Patio during those early spring weekends and evening dinners. Try a CSS Zip Screen to keep out the mosquitoes while having dinner or enjoying the Sunset.